Kimberly Smith

Kimberly Smith, R.M.T., has been a practicing registered massage therapist since 1989. Her catalyst was a life altering car accident at the age of 21 which helped her find purpose in helping others heal. Her unique intuitive approach using both light and deep pressures assures clients’ relief, while assisting to uncover the core issues of their symptoms. Kimberly has experienced many of her clientele’s injuries as a former triathlete and runner, and uses that knowledge to adapt her treatments to induce a speedy recovery. Kimberly adds a blend of craniosacral, joint mobilization and Reiki insights to her healing applications to aid others with their own journey to balance mind, body and spirit. After running her own thriving massage therapy practice in Ontario, Kimberly recently returned home to Calgary after 17 years to continue her quest for balance and happiness.

Covid19 Massage Therapy: Please be aware that AHS has put into place a requirement for a referral or prescription for massage therapy Dec 13/20 until Jan 13/21. This note can be from any physician, or from one of our chiropractors or physiotherapist if you have seen him before. Please ensure you have a referral for massage therapy, otherwise service may be refused.      To check Kimberly’s availability or to book an appointment online, click here.