Azusa Hirota, RAc, TCMD, RMT.

Azusa is an expert in holistic care. She studied Acupuncture and TCM as well as Massage Therapy at the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. A scientist at heart, she also holds a BSc of Physics degree from a University in Japan. With amazing attention to detail and expertise, she will walk you through the treatment process and address your specific needs and health concerns. Using traditional Chinese medicine theory, she applies her skills and knowledge with precision and a guided touch.

Azusa is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine and an acupuncturist, however, at our location she is only offering massage therapy, including deep tissue and relaxation massage as well as pre and post-natal treatments and cupping.

In her spare time, she loves kicking butt with her black belt in Aikido, a traditional Japanese form of martial arts.

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