Anar Bayar

Having grown up in Mongolia, Anar brings a unique cultural perspective to her massage therapy practice in Canada. She combines her traditional Mongolian values of care, compassion, and holistic healing with the professional training she received in various massage techniques during her 3000 hours of education. Inspired by her grandfather’s legacy as an energy healer, she knew that becoming a registered massage therapist was the perfect path for her to follow. Anar’s clients often comment on her “healing hands” and the positive energy they experience during her treatments. She has honed her skills in a variety of massage techniques, including Swedish massage for relaxation and general wellness, deep tissue massage to address chronic muscle tension, trigger point therapy to alleviate specific points of pain and tension, and prenatal massage to support expectant mothers during their pregnancy journey. She continues to carry her grandfather’s healing legacy in her heart as she helps people find relief, relaxation, and rejuvenation through the power of massage therapy.
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