Massage therapy is an an ancient art of healing practised for millenia in both Eastern and Western cultures.
In the 19th century, Heinrich Ling systematically defined those massage techniques which formed the basis of Swedish massage, the most common method of massage practiced today.
Therapeutic massage helps to support and optimize your entire musculoskeletal system by:
•     alleviating pain and stiffness
•     reducing inflammation and swelling, especially for headaches
•     restoring the strength of injured, tired and overworked muscles
•     eliminating chronic scar tissue and myofascial adhesions
•     managing stress and promoting relaxation
•     encouraging a sense of well-being
•   Our therapists also have specific training in a variety of techniques such as pre/peri/postnatal pregnancy massage, children’s massage, geriatric massage and sport injuries.
•    Please be aware that the City of Calgary differentiates between a relaxation massage delivered by a masseuse (who has less than 250 hours of formal training), versus a therapeutic massage delivered by a registered massage therapist (or R.M.T.), who has over 2000 hours of training. Most insurance plans and extended health benefits will only cover massages performed by a R.M.T. All of our therapists are R.M.T.’s with extensive training and experience.