All  symptoms  of  the  body  are  important  to  make  an  accurate diagnosis  according  to  Traditional  Chinese  Medicine  principals,  so  don’t  be surprised  if  the  doctor  asks  you  about  bodily  functions  that  seem  unrelated  to your  main  complaint. With  this  in  mind,  Dr.  Alex  will  meet  with  you  privately  to  assess  your  particular needs.  She  will  review  with  you  your  medical  history  and  discuss  what  you  want to  achieve  with  each  treatment. Blog Contact In  Traditional  Chinese  Medicine,  the  pulse  and  tongue  give  surprisingly  accurate  information  about  the  state  of  your internal  organs,  so  Dr.  Alex  will  also  take  your  pulse  and  look  at  your  tongue. Once the doctor  has  made a diagnosis,  you  will  be  asked  to  lie  on  the  treatment  bed  (massage  table),  either  on  your  back  or facing  down.  It’s  a  good  idea  to  wear  loose  clothing,  as  the  doctor  will  need  access  to  your  lower  arms  and  legs,  and  possibly  your shoulders  and  back,  depending  on  your  ailment. Completely  disrobing,  or  wearing  a  hospital  gown,  is  not  required  for  any Traditional  Chinese  Medicine  treatment.  Relaxing  music  will  be  playing  during your  session,  and  the  lights  will  be  dimmed  to  allow  you  to  rest. Generally,  the  needles  are  left  in  for  15-20  minutes.  Most  patients  report feeling  extremely  relaxed  during  the  treatment,  and  say  it  feels  as  though  they are  in  a  dreamy  or  meditative  state.  This  tends  to  happen  even  if  the  treatment wasn’t  aimed  at  alleviating  stress  or  anxiety,  since  the  body  always  feels  pleasure when its  energy  is  flowing  properly. The  doctor  will  make  sure  you  are  comfortable  and  then  leave  the  room  while  you  lie  still  and  relax.  She  will  check  on  you  after about  5  minutes,  but  otherwise  your  peace  will  be  uninterrupted.  If  you  have  any  worries  about  being  alone,  please  let  the  doctor know and she can stay quietly  beside  you  for  the  session.  Let  her  know  also  if  you  would  prefer  more  or  less  light,  more  or  less music  volume,  if  you’d  like  the  door  left  open,  or  if  you  are  in  any  way  uncomfortable.  An  acupuncture  treatment  should  be  a worry-free  mini-holiday  from  your  day-to-day  stresses. The  healing  process  of  an  acupuncture  treatment  continues  after  the  session  ends,  usually  for  24  to  48  hours.  Pay  attention  to your  body  during  this  time,  as  you  should  notice  shifts  in  pain  intensity,  relaxation,  and  energy  levels.  Patients  generally  report either  feeling  very  sleepy  after  a  treatment,  or  unusually  energized,  and  neither  of  these  feelings  is  a  cause  for  concern.  It  all depends  on how the body re-aligns  itself. Depending  on the severity  of  your  problem,  and  whether  it  started  recently  or  is  a  chronic  condition,  you  will  need  to  see  the doctor  at  least  once  a  week  for  a  number  of weeks.  Once your main complaint  has  been taken  care  of,  you  may  choose  to continue  receiving  treatment  once  or  twice  a  month,  to  maintain  your  health  and  energy,  and  to  prevent  future  ailments. It  has  been  said  that  acupuncture  is  like  yoga.  You  feel  better  after  going  only  once,  but  the  more  you  do  it,  the  healthier  you  get.

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